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Queens Blvd Emergency Plumbing and Heating brings together one of the finest collections of furniture and art sourced from US industrial and institutional past,
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Queens Blvd Emergency Plumbing and Heating provides a unique incomparable service. It takes pride in saying that no one in US has more sophisticated equipment than we do in the field of leak detection.
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Queens Blvd Emergency Plumbing and Heating, has helped do-it-yourselfers flush out the facts of toilet repairs. Each day hundreds of students plunge in and plumb the depths of fixing toilets.

Hot water circulator

The pump adopts shielding set of stainless steel and keep water away from electrical machinery completely, Mechanical seal is not required, thus completely solve pump leaking, adopts the high rigidity stainless steel of motor shaft, graphite bearing, water cycle between stator and rotor, Not only for cooling, also can be used for bearing lubrication, completely solved the noise problem in working. Advanced scientific design, Normal continuous use for 30,000 hours Trouble-free and maintenance-free. 

The trait for this pump: no noise, no vibration, no leak, trouble free with long time working. 

Main use 

The pump adapts to cold pressurized circulation of hot water under 110 degrees Centigrade. Especially use for the Matching of Warm heating system, like as: Automatic pressured and circulated for water off shooter, water collector; boiler and hanging boiler; matching for Water-cooled air-conditioning and center air conditioning system; water supply for washing machine when lower pressure; increase the flux and pressure for the tap water; supply and circulate liquid for industrial equipments.